Hedge Trimming, Pruning, Spraying Service

A man is trimming hedge trees

Hedge Trimming

Regular hedge trimming is very important.
Overgrown hedge can block pedestrian walk and sometime damage power line too.
Straight and green garden screening make your garden look sharp and beautiful.



We can help to improve dull, bubbly or curly looking leaf on your hedge or garden plant.
We can also spray weed killer, moss killer, etc.
Spaying can be very harmful for you, so leave it to us.
We will do the job professionally with right equipment, such as gas masks and goggles.


We sometime need to trim or cut trees in the garden to live together as they grow funny way or die.
Overgrown trees not only block light and views but also cause damage your property in Auckland storms.
Give us a call before it causes enormous problems.


A guy is pruning away offshoots