Mowing, Fertilizing, Weed Control

Lawn Mowing

Lawn is a great place to entertain, a place for your kids to play on and also helps to keep the heat down around your house.
There are two mowing options to choose from.

Catch mow: We ‘catch’ all those clippings and can maintain your lawn looking nice and tidy.
This option is perfect if you have dogs or small children.
It cost slightly more than Mulch mow.

Mulch mow: This option is quicker and cheaper than a catch mow.
Mulch mow will often look just as good and will mulch your grass clippings as it goes.
When glass left too long, it will look untidy after the first cut, but it will look good after 2 or 3 mow.

Most importantly mulch mow can return their beneficial nutrients as a lawn fertilizer to your grass and surrounding greenery.

A man is pushing professional lawn mower

Fertilizing lawn

Just like us lawn need food to stay healthy. We can give them food in the form of fertilizers.
This is important if you choose catch mow option.
Generally, spring and autumn are good season to fertilize.
We will find out what fertilizes is needed for your lawn, so talk to us.

Weed Control

We can pull big weed by hand before mowing.
Product called Weed ‘n’ Feed may be your option, which provides selective control of most broadleaf weeds in home garden lawns with added fertilizer for healthy green lawn growth.